Who ryan sheckler dating

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Who ryan sheckler dating

The effect of one pro skater giving the then seven-year-old Sheckler a little attention is clear to this day.Today every skate park in America is filled with the next generation of seven, ten and twelve year old Ryan’s and that reality isn’t lost on him.I’m here to help, I want to help them skate, help them do anything.” Beyond the skate contests and publicity shoots, Ryan is still that seven year old, completely and wholly in love with skateboard culture and the community that he was raised in.It wasn’t that long ago that Ryan was the grommet biting on the heels of any pro that would pay attention.On top of all that, Ryan is still struggling with his parents' recent divorce and strives to be a father figure to his two younger brothers, Shane and Kane. The first thing I do every morning is: Complain that I'm awake. The divorce has hit the three Sheckler brothers pretty hard, and now that Ryan's father has a new girlfriend, they are struggling with accepting her into the family.

By now, the story of Ryan riding his Dad’s skateboard for the first time is fairly well known, not so well known however, is the story of his first broken bone, why he’ll always be honored to be a San Clemente grom, what having a MTV show is really like and how serious Ryan is about making a difference and being the change.But at age 18, he's a just another painfully dull teenage celebrity.The relationship with his parents appears to exist purely as business deals and his friends look like a carefully selected entourage of trust fund babies. Assuring audiences that he's trying to live life as the normal teenager despite circumstances (a stupid comment to make once releases are signed to allow the superficial voyeurism to begin with), Life of Ryan is your typically scripted "unscripted" Reality-TV show where otherwise idiotic teenage drama is milked for all its worth.“The experiences that I had when I was younger, that’s who I want to be to kids.I never want kids to have bad feelings or to feel like they can’t talk to me.

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“I just remember being at the hospital and asking my dad, ‘Am I going to be able to skate?

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