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A guy grew up in an ordinary religious family of Americans.Brad's father William Pitt worked as a manager in a large cargo transportation company, and his mother Jane Etta Hillhouse was a teacher.At that time William Bradley changed his name a little bit.When the inexperienced Brad Pitt came to Hollywood, he started working as a driver.The real name of the famous American actor Brad Pitt is William Bradley Pitt.He was born on December 18, 1963 in a small town Shawnee, Oklahoma.The actor got many successful star tandems: Brad starred with Julia Roberts in the melodrama "he Mexican", with Robert Redford in "Spy Game", with George Clooney and Matt Damon in "Ocean's Eleven".

After a short break in 1999, Pitt returns to the movie and plays one of the main roles in the film "Fight Club".

While this film was voiced and edited, in Yugoslavia, where the film was shot, the civil war began.

Therefore, the film was released only 10 years later.

Brad Pitt received his first large fee of $ 12,000 for the role of Dwight Ingalls in the comic school horror "Cutting Class".

The star of the school, the basketball player looked very realistic in the film, according to the audience.

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After that, he was offered to become a carrier of furniture. Therefore, after few months, he becomes an employee in a network of popular restaurants called "El Pollo Loco".

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