Xbox live update keeps updating

Posted by / 30-Jan-2020 10:50

Xbox live update keeps updating

The company says the issues revolving around accessing previously bought content throught Xbox Live or problems with making new purchases have been resolved.

The earlier issues with accessing previously purchased content & purchasing new content should now be resolved.

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The 'Xbox Live Core Services' is currently listed at 'limited,' which has surely contributed to the massive outage.You will have to update manually, (same games still force you to download before you play) This also makes it so when you turn your console off it will actually shut down. I get that if I turn off the "Instant On" mode (I've now switched it to "Energy Saving") it will not download the game updates when the console is "off."However, will it also not download them when they are on?Basically, I don't want them to download at all until I try to start the game.I have a limited amount of bandwidth and this whole Assassins Creed update had me wishing there was a way to have the Xbox just ask me if I'd like to update a game before playing it instead of just whenever an update is available that way I'm not using up all my bandwidth on updates to games I don't even play that frequently anymore Go to your settings and turn off the feature that puts your console to sleep instead of powering off.This will mean that it will no longer do things in the background.

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