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If you have a free account, please take a look at the Free provisioning guide for more information about on-device testing.Development certificates and associated keys are critical for an i OS developer: they establish your identity with Apple and associate you with a given device and profile for development, akin to putting your digital signature on your applications.If you need to create any more, you will need to revoke an existing one.Any machine using a revoked certificate will not be able to sign their app.Keep a backup of the Developer Profile on the local Mac, because if the private keys are lost, all the certificates and provisioning profiles will need to be regenerated.There are actually two versions of a Developer Profile — one is on the Developer Portal, and the other lives on a Mac.After successfully setting up Development Certificates, export a backup copy and store them in a safe place.

In Apple's official documentation the terms You are now ready to upload this updated distribution provisioning profile to Apperian so that you can re-sign apps that were signed with the previous version.The difference between the two is the type of keys they contain: .For the certificates to be valid, the key pairs must match.Apple checks for certificates to control access to the devices you are allowed to deploy.Development teams, certificates, and profiles can be managed by accessing the Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles (login required) section of Apple's Member Center.

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