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Zelda dating game

(Please try and beat the game first without using these, but if you wish to before you finish, make sure you input them BEFORE you select "Start New Game")Rupees: fin1337Secrets Option on Main Menu: secretsnow Maximum Link Stats: tiskewl Zelda Gallery: iluvzelda Saria Gallery: reelsaria Malon Gallery: milk4evah Din Gallery: d1ose Nayru Gallery: bfznayru (Just check and see if any of these options are available in your current question- if one of these isn't there, good luck!

These are not all of the answers, so you might have to take a guess.)Zelda1- Lefty2- [email protected] Pink4- Slaughter House 55- 2- Etiquette 7- 88 56 858- Sunny9- Dislikes: Gossip Touch: Hand Saria1- Gemini2- 83 58 853- Pasta4- Russian Vodka5- 2- [email protected] Stay at home (Partying and drinking isn't her thing)Touch: Hand Malon1- Beach or someplace high2- Never do her bed3- Single4- Her dad built the bar5- Dirty Harry6- Raudy Discount Store7- [email protected] Calabria 20069- Clothes10- Milking Cows Touch: Hand Nayru1- Just broke up with B/F 2- Cold environment3- Danny Elfman4- Corpse Bride5- Combover6- Harp7- Flippers8- Swim9- e-mail:[email protected] what friends say about me?

The Legend of Zelda video games have been developed exclusively for Nintendo video game consoles and handhelds, dating from the Family Computer Disk System to the current generation of video game consoles.

Spin-off titles, however, have been released on non-Nintendo systems.

So, from personal experience, I give you all the random answers I found while talking/dating each of the girls.

Okay i give you all permission to point, and laugh and call me nuts. There are three others who haven't said anything yet even though they voted the same option as me.

Iwata started up Iwata Asks some years ago I’ve been brainstorming on how we could better present a similar version of that which is more catered to the United States audience.

Other minor settings and antagonists have appeared throughout the series; Vaati has become one of the series' newer recurring antagonists.

The games in The Legend of Zelda series with two-dimensional (2D) graphics feature side-scrolling or overhead view gameplay, while the games with three-dimensional (3D) graphics give the player a third-person perspective.

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Because this is a non-traditional Asks, we will be conducting this more in an interview fashion, but no worries, there will be plenty of laughter. I would go to my local Pizza Hut and not even the server or the store manager had any idea who I was. That can’t be happening At Nintendo, I am recognized the world over and do a lot of public speaking.